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How should I take Peprocseen?

Dosage and Administration:

  • The softgels must be swallowed whole.

  • DO NOT chew the softgels.

  • Each dose should be taken about 30-60 minutes before meals.

  • DO NOT take the softgels immediately after eating food.

  • The softgels should be taken before meals with a full glass of water.

Adult Dose:
One softgel three times daily before meals. The dose may be increased to two (2) softgels three times a day when discomfort is more severe. The softgels should be taken until symptoms are relieved. This usually occurs within a week or two.

Children's Dose:
For children under 15 years of age, consult your physician.

Use During Pregnancy:
Peprocseen should only be used during pregnancy after consultation with your doctor.


Why is there a statement on the label concerning FDA evaluation?

United States law requires that this statement appear on all dietary supplements that make claims about promoting health.


Do Peprocseen Softgels contain any products I may be allergic to?

Peprocseen softgels have the same potent, pharmaceutical grade peppermint oil as the former CompleteRelief product. Peprocseen does not include food color dyes which have been removed to reduce potential for allergies.

Therefore the softgels are no longer green in color Peprocseen softgels are light golden in color. The new Peprocseen does not include sorbitol which may cause diarrhea. Peprocseen is free of many common allergens - - food color free; dye free; gluten free; soy free; corn free; lactose free; ginger free; egg free; and nuts free.

Peprocseen Softgels are made from "bovine gelatin" and contains trace amounts of Miglyol (fractionated coconut oil).


Where can I purchase Peprocseen Softgels?

Peprocseen Softgels can be purchased online from our ordering system or can be found in selected pharmacies, drugstores and healthfood stores in your area. Use our Store Locator found on the top of our site, to locate a retail location near you. 

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